Welcome to SoundBirth!

You have been surrounded by sound before you were even born...  It has been affecting you constantly since then ... moving through you, around you and between yourself and others ... just as ripples move through water. 

Whether you are aware of it or not, sound has had an substantial impact on your moment to moment experience of life ... on your physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.  

You cannot see it ... but you have definitely FELT and HEARD it! Because it's ALWAYS THERE.

I believe is it now more important than ever to start paying attention to how these sound vibrations AFFECT you, every day, every moment.

Are the sounds you are surrounded by NURTURING you?  Or are they "TORTURING" you?!?  Are they GIVING YOU ENERGY? Or DRAINING YOUR ENERGY?

SoundBirth is ALL about reminding people of this basic tool called SOUND and learning how to USE it effectively throughout their life with the intention to RELAX, ENERGISE and FEEL GOOOOOOOOOOD!

I hope you enjoy looking through my website and discovering all the many ways you too can use sound to benefit your life and the lives of others.

I look forward to connecting with you one day!

Nicole xx

Expectant Couples and Birth Professionals

Learn how to use your voice and the resonant sound of a beautiful crystal singing bowl to support a birthing woman to birth her baby gently yet powerfully into the world. 

Discover the benefits of using these 100% natural and effective  tools and why birthing women all over the world are LOVING them! 

Online courses and private sessions available! 

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"Journey into Sound" Workshop

Discover how you can easily start to integrate the power of sound into your personal and/or professional lives at this one day interactive workshop! 

Learn about the science of sound; how to play, choose and use a crystal singing bowl; how to use your voice for wellness; and gain hands-on experience playing the instruments in "The Sound Zone"!  

Perfect for yoga teachers, school teachers, wellness practitioners, parents, healers and anyone interested in the sound modality! 

NEXT WORKSHOP 25th July 2020!

Sound Facilitator Training

Learn how to facilitate your very own sound journeys ... YOUR WAY!

During this 6 month training you will be immersed into the sound world where you will discover the sound tools you are most drawn to using and the way in which you like to play them!  

You will also learn from some of the best sound healers in Perth giving you the contacts and support you need right from the beginning of your journey into the sound world! 

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Monthly Sound Journeys!

Experience deep relaxation during one of my sound journeys where you will be immersed in quality sounds from crystal singing bowls, gongs, flutes and more!  

These sessions also include information on how sound relaxes the mind and body as well as a brief demonstration of these unusual and beautiful instruments to satisfy curious minds! 

Cup of tea and delicious bliss balls included! 

Sound Journeys for Special Events

Add the "icing on the cake" at your special event! SOUND!

Give your group the unique experience of being surrounded by high quality sounds that will nurture their being and relax every cell in their body! 

These sessions are the perfect addition to any yoga or wellness retreat, birthday party, corporate wellness and/or teamwork session, Mothers' blessing, opening ceremony, memorial service, wedding ... anything!

Contact me to discuss your specific needs.

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Crystal Singing Bowls 

Want a bowl or two?  Or maybe a set? 

To help with overwhelm (!!!), I can assist you with choosing your ideal combination of bowls to suit your current and future sound goals, the sizes and harmonies that you feel most drawn to and of course your budget!

Over the phone/zoom or in person sessions available!

Koshi Chimes

Soothe yourself and anyone else around you with these beautiful chimes!

All the way from France these chimes add the magic to any sound journey, yoga session, massage or home!

Have a listen!  ENJOY!

   Aria: Air         Ignis: Fire      Terra: Earth   Aqua: Water 

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  • SoundBirth

    “I never thought, "I can't do this" or "I need drugs" or "take me to the hospital" because the bowl kept me present and grounded. I felt safe and calm during the contractions. I truly believe without the crystal singing bowl my labour would have been unbearable. I am generally an over thinker but as I said the bowl and toning gave me a singular present focus. I also love the sound the crystal singing bowl makes.”

    Home Birth, Mother of 2

  • SoundBirth

    “It would be worth investigating what the crystal singing bowl could do for you, not only in labour but for pregnancy relaxation and vitality. I think that perhaps it is also great for life in general.

    Registered Midwife

  • SoundBirth

    “Since the workshop I have really embraced increasing the amount of music in our home. I have been re-inspired to play the native American flute. My husband Tony has started playing the drums and I tone/chant along with it. I have created a little lullaby and have been singing it and playing along on the piano every day, I have also acknowledged my fear of making strange noises during labour. ”

    Spiritual Coach, Author and Poet

  • SoundBirth

    “Bless you Nicole and the confidence, continuing support, insight and knowledge you have shared with me to deliver beautiful sounds for people to journey into relaxation and inner stillness ... "Blissful", said the people at my last nights session.”

    Owner of "Just Being"

  • SoundBirth

    “​Yogahub has been working with Nicole Lloyd since 2016. Together we have produced a unique sound and yoga experience that has become a favourite among our clients and a mainstay on our programme. Collaborating with Nicole has been a fantastic experience. Nicole teaches that sound is both a science and an art. Nicole holds a university degree in music so her performance skills are exceptional. As a sound therapist, performer and friend, Nicole has our full support and admiration. ”

    Owner of The Yogahub, Perth

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