Terms and conditions

Agreement for Sound Facilitator Training

I agree to:

Giving full refund if I decide to cancel the training for any reason.

Including a 14 inch crystal singing bowl with case and striker.

Including "The Healing Power of Sound" book.

Providing at least 4 Guest Speakers  - could be more!

Giving you 2 x private sessions at your venue of choice within the 12 month period (support begins from the first workshop weekend and ends 12 months later)

Ensuring there is at least 4 participants and at the most 8 participants so you get the attention and time you need throughout the program.

Providing life-time access to the online course that accompanies the training.

Supporting you via email, phone, Facebook, SoundBirth membership site, throughout the 12 months we have together (support begins from the first workshop weekend and ends 12 months later)

Showing up and sharing my knowledge, experience and light with you!!!

You agree to:

Paying in full for the training before the last (fourth) training weekend.

Attending all weekend trainings.  If you can't make it for any reason, I cannot give refunds sorry. You can however attend the guest speaker sessions in following trainings for $50.  

To arrange your 2 private sessions with me, when you are ready during the 12 month period. 

Purchasing crystal singing bowls and/or Koshi chimes from me!  I always give good prices to my students anyway so why wouldn't you!

Working through the online course during the 12 months.  If you cannot access the course let me know and I'll send you the information a different way...PDFs that you can download I'm thinking!

To complete any "homework" within the 12 month period via the online course or by sending your answers to me via email - nicole@soundbirth.com.au

Being an active participant online and offline!


Agreement for SoundBirth Doula and Educator Training

I agree to:

Delivering your SoundBirth Bowl after at least 50% of payment has been made. NB postage may be more if you live outside of Australia so please ask for a quote before paying nicole@soundbirth.com.au

Delivering the online course each week via the SoundBirth Membership Site.

Assessing your "homework" for each module! 

Answering questions via Facebook group and/or email and the SoundBirth Membership site during the 6 month period.  After that I will continue to support you if you become a SoundBirth member.

Providing 4 training day options in person if you live in Perth throughout the year.  

Providing 4 training day options via Skype or Zoom if you live outside of Perth throughout the year.

If I have to cancel a one day training or Skype call I will re-schedule one for you to attend at a later date. 

Creating worksheets, powerpoint presentations, marketing materials, workbooks ... basically ANYTHING your need to get SoundBirth out there for your business.  Just ASK and I'll PRODUCE!

You agree to:

Paying full price or via payment plan.  Ensuring money is in account on day of payment. 

Using the SoundBirth Bowl when introducing and using the SoundBirth tools with your women.

Attending a one day training in person (if you live in Perth) or via Skype/Zoom within 6 months of initial purchase.

Completing the online course component within 6 months of purchasing the training. 

Acknowledging all information found in the online course to "SoundBirth" and agree to not reproduce, claim as your own or sell it without my permission. 

Asking me to create any worksheets, power point presentations, workbooks for your women so that all SoundBirth information shared in the world is the same!  I am happy to have your input!  As these are created I will add them to the online course for you.