Sound 4 Life Workshop

An Interactive Introduction to the Power of Sound!

Do you feel drawn to the "sound healing" modality and curious about how YOU could possible USE it in your personal and/or professional life?

  • Do you work with energy healing?
  • Are you a yoga teacher?
  • Are you a parent?
  • Are you a school teacher?
  • Do you work in the health and wellness industry?
  • Are you in the process of healing yourself on a physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual level?

This workshop is for YOU then! 

We will cover:

  • The science of sound!
  • The many benefits of using therapeutic sound tools.
  • The therapeutic and creative application of sound in a variety of settings and situations
  • The benefits of using the most healing instrument on the planet ... YOUR voice!! ... with a crystal singing bowl!
  • Simple manifesting/healing “tricks” you can do with your voice and a bowl for yourself, others and the world! 
  • How to play these therapeutic sound tools with awareness.

You will experience "The Sound Zone" where you PLAY all of the instruments and get into "the zone"

You will experience a relaxing "Sound Journey" where you just lie down and take all the vibrations from my crystal singing bowls, gongs, flutes etc

You will leave feeling even more excited and confident about using sound in your personal and professional life with the intention to improve your well-being and the well-being of others.

I will "custom-make" the workshop according to the needs and interests of the participants so remember to email me to let me know what you'd like to more about!

If you want advice on choosing a bowl or two please allow an extra 30 mins after the workshop.  Thank you.

Dates for 2021: 

Sunday 17th October

Dates for 2022:

January TBA

(Indicate the date that suits you in the order form!)

Time: 1 - 4pm

Cost: $150


  • Lifetime access to the  "Sound Integration" Online course which includes PDFs and MP3s and soon videos!
  • Access to private Facebook Group for 6 weeks after the course to enable you to ask questions and stay in touch with the participants you meet at the workshop.

Where: "Heart Place" - Fibonacci Centre Fremantle

Limited to 12 people per workshop so book in ASAP!


"I have enjoyed learning about the knowledge and different ways to play particular instruments. The musical knowledge Nicole provides is amazing as your guaranteed support on how to choose the right instruments in the direction you would like to take. Sound journeys seem to amaze me over and over again, in the way it shifts the energy and allows you to bring yourself back to self." Belinda Codorniu

"Delivery of Nicole's workshop was sooooo easy to understand. Nicole encourages your learning in a positive and inspirational environment she has an amazing amount of knowledge, sunny energy and drive in this space. Nicole is also an awesome mentor and extremely supportive of your experiences which you also bring to the space." Jo-Anne Smith

"I purchased a set of bowls through Nicole and she was so helpful and supportive. I then joined her sound training and learnt lots of great tips and different ways of using my bowls. Thank you Nicole for all your advice, help and continued support!" Teresa Galvin

I look forward to sharing sound with you soon!

Nicole xx

Journey into Sound workshop pic

Picture from the latest "Sound 4 Life" Workshop!

journey into sound product pic