12 inch Crystal Singing Bowl

Add a crystal singing bowl to your personal and/or professional life! These beautiful instruments made out of 99.99% quartz crystal relax AND energise your body and mind super efficiently! 

This 12 inch is a medium sized bowl.  For this size I recommend pitches C4, C#4, D4, D#4

Includes: Padded case, rubber striker, o-ring, delivery within Australia only (contact me for quote if outside of Australia) and Online Course "Sound Integration" where you learn how to play, use, look after your precious bowl!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the uses and benefits of using a crystal singing bowl.

Not sure if this bowl is for you?  Book in a private consult with me so I can assist with choosing bowl size and pitch according to your budget and how you would like to use your bowl.

12 inch bowl image