Sound Massage

FEEL the nurturing vibrations from three high quality Tibetan Singing Bowls ON your body and HEAR the sounds gently entraining your brain into a deeply relaxed state while I give you a Sound Massage!

This method was created by Peter Hess from Germany. It is different to other "sound massages" in that there is a system to follow, the bowls are of the highest quality, the bowls are placed on the body and they are only played with a soft mallet by gently tapping on the edge of the bowl. This method is very popular at the Health Spas in Europe and even physiotherapists around the world are having great results with their patients.

What to Expect?

Firstly we will have a little chat about what is going on for you and if there is any pain in your body etc.

Then you lie down on your belly on my massage table fully clothed and comfortable with a blanket.  

Using my 3 Peter Hess Tibetan Singing bowls I then follow the method by placing one of the bowls on the sole of your foot and gently tapping the bowl with a soft mallet for 2 mins.  (If pregnant I place the bowls around your body rather than on your body ... as in picture below).  Then I move it to the other foot and do the same thing for 2 mins.  Then I use another bowl for your back and play for 2 mins. And this continues on your shoulders, hands, heart (when you roll over), belly for about 45 minutes.

While the bowl is being gently tapped you will feel the vibrations of the bowl in that area of the body and you hear the sounds too ... a lot of "wah wah wah" sounds entraining your brain into a relaxed state. Usually after about 10 mins people are deeply relaxed.


In my SoundBirth Studio in Bedfordale, Perth, WA. Address given on booking.  

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