1:1 Sound Mentoring Sessions

Come and have some one to one time with me!  

If you are someone who'd prefer to learn what you need to learn ASAP without a bunch of people around then this is the session for you!

Come and spend an hour or two with me to pick my brains about how you can integrate sound into your personal and/or professional life! 

Whether you are pregnant and wanting a SoundBirth or a doula and wanting to start adding sound to your birth work or a teacher or a Mother or healer or a naturopath or a yoga teacher or workshop facilitator wanting to use sound ... I am here for you!  

During these coaching sessions you can:

  • Learn how to choose play and use your bowl/s for whatever purpose you have in mind.
  • Learn how to to heal and manifest using a bowl and your voice. 
  • Learn how to facilitate a relaxing "sound journey".
  • Learn how to integrate sound tools into your personal and/or professional life!

Drawing on my extensive musical background, 10 years experience using sound to deeply relax and connect people, and knowledge of which bowls to buy and what for, you will leave the session feeling more confident about using sound in your life!

I work from my home in Coolbellup, Perth.  I have all of my bowls and other sound tools set up so you can explore if you are coming to see me about sound journeys. We will have a cuppa together and discuss what it is you are looking for.  I LOVE to teach and to custom-make my sessions to suit your needs!  So just bring YOU and we will create some magic together!

I really hope we can connect soon!

Nicole xx


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