SoundBirth Bowl Mallet

Looking for the perfect crystal singing bowl mallet for your large sized bowls?

These mallets (made by my hubby) have an extra large ball at the end enabling you to play your bigger bowls and reach to the other side without the risk of making that terrible scraping noise with the stick that you have more chance of doing with your more common smaller balled strikers.

Perfect for bowls size 14 - 22 inches

Can make these in purple, green, orange or blue.

Warning: they can leave a slight tinge of blue (or other colour) on the bowl ... especially if your bowls are brand new because they are still quite rough on the outside ... If this bothers you, sorry! BUT they sound amazing! Unfortunately I haven't been able to find white balls this size ... yet!

"I recently purchased a crystal singing bowl mallet from Nicole and all I can say is absolutely amazing. No fear now of the wood on the mallet scratching the side of the bowl and my bowls now sound better than they did before. I had an extra large mallet anyway however this mallet is so good I'm buying another one. Thank you SoundBirth " Suzanne Lyons

Pick up from Bedfordale OR find out if my hubby can deliver OR pay extra $$ for postage!



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