Sound Integration Online Course

Learn how to play, look after and use a crystal singing bowl by going through the info in this online course! 

There's no point in buying a bowl and just displaying it on your bench top admiring it's beauty!  That's what I did for a while... shhh don't laugh! It's true!  I really had no clue as to what I was going to do with the 7 bowls I had just purchased in 2009, 6 months before I experienced my "SoundBirth" with my third baby.  It was THEN that I found the first way to use a bowl!  And then afterwards discovered more and more as the years have gone by!  

So here I have put together all of my brilliant and creative ideas on how YOU can use your precious bowl so it doesn't just sit in the corner gathering dust! And I have also gathered info on the science of sound, how you can use your voice with the bowl and how to take care of your bowl so you don't have to go looking yourself and so you can start using your bowl safely and happily ASAP!

Videos will be added soon... but for now you can read through the PDFs and practice your vocal toning with the audios I have added too!


sound integration course catalogue