Sound Journeys for Special Events

Give your Group the Gift of Sound

Add the "icing on the cake" at your special event by adding a "Sound Journey" to your program!

Give your group the unique experience of being surrounded by high quality sounds from crystal singing bowls, gongs, Native American flutes and more ... that will nurture their being and relax every cell in their body! 

These sessions are the perfect addition to any yoga or wellness retreat, birthday party, corporate wellness and/or teamwork session, Mothers' blessing, opening ceremony, memorial service, wedding ... anything!


Sound Journey: a one hour relaxation session where everyone lies down on a yoga mat/blankets/pillows and takes in all of the sounds that surround them.  This session includes a short explanation on the science of sound, what to expect and the instruments I will be using to satisfy those curious minds! 

The Sound Zone: a one hour interactive, hands-on session where the group is invited to PLAY all of these unique and beautiful instruments!  This experience gives a group the experience of feeling connected with each other as they contribute their individual sound to the whole sound.  

I recommend a combination of BOTH options but it really depends on what you are looking for. 

Contact me to discuss your specific needs as I can custom-make a session depending on the audience, how much time you have, budget and the outcomes you are looking for! or 0419285500

NB: Cost depends on travel time, number of people, how much time you would like your journey and/or Sound Zone experience to be!


Learning about the instruments

Sound Journey at Kookaburra Creek Yoga Retreat

Some of the instruments!

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