Online Courses

Sing Your Baby to You!

Give You and Your Baby the Support of Sound Before, During and After the Birth!

Learn how to "Sing Your Baby to You" before, during and after the birth to overcome fear, manage pain and bond with your baby!

AUD 647.00

SoundBirth Doula and Educator Training

Add the POWER of SOUND to Birth!

Learn how to educate and support women before, during and after the birth using the SoundBirth Tools!  For birth and post-natal doulas., midwives, birth educators and sound lovers!

AUD 347.00

From Panic to Peace Using the Power of Your Voice!

Learn how to use your own voice during stressful times to manage anxiety, relieve pain and grief, create more joy and connection and to ride the waves ... as we "reset" our lives and create a New Earth. 

AUD 10.00

Koshi Chimes Online Course

Learn how to untangle, use and play your beautiful Koshi chimes!  This course is FREE when you purchase a Koshi chime or stand!

AUD 20.00

Sound Integration Online Course

Learn how to integrate simple sound tools into your life! Find out more about the science of sound, bowls, voice, magical qualities and more!

AUD 50.00