This Online Course is for YOU if ...

  • you are pregnant and hoping for a natural and positive birth experience for yourself, your partner and your baby ... 
  • you would like to learn how to experience all of the natural benefits that come with using your voice during labour ...
  • you would you like your partner to be present with you 100% of the way ...

“I never thought, "I can't do this" or "I need drugs" or "take me to the hospital" because the bowl kept me present and grounded. I felt safe and calm during the contractions. I truly believe without the crystal singing bowl my labour would have been unbearable. I am generally an over thinker but as I said the bowl and toning gave me a singular present focus. I also love the sound the crystal singing bowl makes.” 

Toni Cronk, Mother of 2

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The SoundBirth Story

SoundBirth began when my Mum intuitively started playing one of my crystal singing bowls that was sitting in the corner of my bedroom during my third homebirth in 2009.

It was good timing because my contractions were starting to feel more intense and I was starting to want to moan and groan because of it's intensity ... but I felt embarrassed about making any strange sounds in front of everyone (midwife, husband, friend, Mum...).  I had felt self-conscious and inhibited during my previous two home births too!

BUT as soon as I heard the sound of the bowl I started to make more sound with my voice and in return felt more relief!  The entire room seemed to disappear and all that was present were the sounds I was co-creating with the bowl.  

Soon the contraction dissipated and so did the sound of the bowl.  

OMG.  I couldn't believe the difference in my anxiety and pain levels!   

From then on my doula was instructed by me to play that bowl throughout every contraction for the next 5 hours ... and then again during my fourth labour my birth team took turns playing that bowl ... this time for about 30 hours!

The sound of that amazing bowl HELD my hand and gave me the strength I needed to birth my babies!

From THAT moment I KNEW I had to start share this tool with expectant couples so they too could have a "SoundBirth Experience"!

Since then the SoundBirth tools have been used by doulas, midwives and partners at home births and hospitals throughout Perth, WA and other parts of the world, to soothe and support women in labour.

Hear about what women are saying below!

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What Others Are Saying ...

  • SoundBirth

    “After remembering to tone with the crystal singing bowl that my Mum was playing during each contraction for hours, I finally dilated from 3cm to 10cm within 30 mins! I'm extremely grateful that I was able to birth my baby naturally when everything was heading to having a c-section. ”

  • SoundBirth

    “I never thought, "I can't do this" or "I need drugs" or "take me to the hospital" because the bowl kept me present and grounded. I felt safe and calm during the contractions. ”

  • SoundBirth

    “The birth was exceedingly beautiful and the bowl such a part of this, I would highly recommend it to every birthing woman. ”

  • SoundBirth

    “It was so helpful, having the bowls there. I truly believe they helped me in opening up and relaxing like I’ve never relaxed before.”

    Midwife, Mother of 4

  • SoundBirth

    “I was able to “get in the zone” to focus and visualise full dilation, in spite of the pressure and hospital sounds that were going on around me. We did successfully dilate and I had the vaginal birth I was hoping for.”

  • SoundBirth

    “The beautiful low tone of the mesmerising singing bowl helped keep Amy in what I like to call the 'labour zone'. The atmosphere in the room was one of peace, harmony and there was the easy flow of laughter and joy. ”


  • SoundBirth

    “ If I hadn’t discovered SoundBirth and toning and the crystal singing bowls I believe that my labour would have gone very differently. ”

  • SoundBirth

    “If a contraction had a sound it would be the sound of the Crystal singing bowl.”


Here's What you Get!

4 weekly Zoom/Facebook LIVE sessions with myself and a bunch of other expectant couples!

Access to a supportive private Facebook group with ongoing access.

PDFs for each week with all the info you need.

MP3s you can use to practice toning before your bowl arrives!

You will have the option to purchase or hire (if you live in Perth) a SoundBirth bowl after you book in!


Thursday 25th FEB 2021 6-7pm Perth time.

Course Outline

Week 1.

  • The SoundBirth story - how this all began and why I'm sharing it with you!
  • The Benefits of Having a SoundBirth - the combination of using your voice and a crystal singing bowl has MANY benefits!
  • Voice Issues - why it's important to know what they are before the birth.
  • Introduction to Crystal Singing Bowls - history, sizes, pitches
  • Sound Awareness - start noticing how sound affects you in every day life. 

Week 2.

  • The Science of Sound - the important and interesting facts only!
  • Voice Exercises - simple exercises to assist with overcoming inhibitions around making "strange noises" during labour. 
  • How to Tone - how to use your voice in a focused, open and relaxed way to allow your baby to enter gently into the world.
  • How to Play and Use Your Bowl During Labour - this is where your partner/other birth support comes in!

Week 3. 

  • SoundBirth Role-Play with your Partner and other Support People - time to practice together! 
  • Teaching others in your team how to play your bowl and use their voice too! 
  • Background Music - how to add background music to the equation ... if you want to.   
  • How to Create a "Heart Song" for Your Baby - step by step instructions so you can start "singing your baby to you" even before the birth! 

Week 4.

  • Music activities during post-natal period to assist with bonding, healing, relaxing, managing anxiety and putting your baby to sleep in the most nurturing way possible - by "Singing Your Baby to You"!
  • "Your Magical Bowl" PDF - other ways you can use your SoundBirth Bowl for the rest or your life! 

COST: $197 AUD

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

Do I have to have a crystal singing bowl?

To have a "true" SoundBirth experience YES it is better to have the SoundBirth bowl there to support you.   You will feel more uninhibited using your voice, more in "the zone", your partner will have a role to play, it will create sacred space no matter where you birth and more! To purchase your bowl click here!

What is so great about the "SoundBirth Bowl"?

Over the years of working with sound I have found that the pitch I have chosen for the SoundBirth Bowl is the easiest pitch to vocalise with - it's not too high, not too low!  Also, the size of the bowl isn't too small or too heavy and big! It is JUST RIGHT. So I just don't give people a choice anymore! Just trust me and go for it! You'll learn more about why in the course! Plus you and your partner will fall in love with it when you see and hear it! Click HERE to order your bowl today!

How long will it take for my bowl to arrive?

Your bowl will be drop-shipped within 2 weeks to your home. Please let me know when it arrives!

Will hospitals let me bring a bowl to birth?

From what I know, it is up to the birthing woman as to what they want to bring into the birthing room. If that is a crystal singing bowl then so be it! So far I haven't heard of a doula, midwife or couple NOT being allowed to bring their bowl into the room.  It's all been very positive feedback! It's a good idea to educate those who know nothing about SoundBirth by popping a sign on the door with all the benefits listed! 

What can I do with the SoundBirth bowl after the birth?

You can use the bowl to soothe yourself and your baby after the birth any time.  I will talk about this in the course too.  I will also give you include an e-book called "Magical Bowls" to give you other ideas on how you can use your bowl that's not birth related. 

How long will it take to complete the course?

It will take 4 weeks to complete the course!  If you are due before this please let me know and we can arrange a private session instead via Zoom and I will give you access to all the info ASAP. 

I'm not musical. I can't sing. Nor can my partner. Can we still do the course?

OK OK... You need to first of all remember that EVERYONE is "musical" ... since you were born you've been making sounds with your voice right?  Well that to me is musical!  And ANYONE can play a crystal singing bowl!  So YES of course you can! I will assist you anyway I can throughout the course and in our private session/s to make sure you both feel confident enough to use your voice and play a bowl during labour...

When will I have access to the Facebook Group?

After you have made your purchase you will receive an email with the links to the Facebook Group and Zoom.  I will add you to the group a few days before the starting date so you can introduce yourself to the group.

What if my partner doesn't want to play the bowl?

So far I have noticed that most partners are keen to play the bowl once they have seen, heard and played one themselves!  I've also found that once they understand how playing the bowl is going to assist you in using your voice which ultimately assists the entire opening up/birthing process, he is more than keen to give it a go! BUT if he is still reluctant or maybe if you'd rather he was holding your hand or rubbing your back, then maybe you can ask another support person to be THE bowl player throughout the birth ... because you just might NEED that sound during each contraction like many other women have! 

Can I hire a bowl?

If you live in Perth, Australia YES you can!  Contact me for details. 

What is the Cost?

Cost is $197 for the 4 weeks. 

You will then need to purchase your SoundBirth bowl and you'll be set!

So ... Are you ready?

Are you ready to RECLAIM your voice BEFORE the birth so you can use it to overcome pain, anxiety and disconnection?

Is your partner ready to support you and stay present with you and be an active part of the birth process?

Are you both ready to learn how to and experience building a STRONG BOND with your baby even before the birth?

Click on the button below to start your SoundBirth Experience today!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Nicole xx

Anymore Questions? 

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