Pregnancy and Birth

The DOs and DON'Ts When Playing Your Bowl

teaching pregnant woman to play

For the safety of bowl, your ears and other people's ears please follow these bowl playing guidelines! 

  1. ALWAYS place your bowl on its rubber “O” ring no matter what surface you have placed it on.  This will keep it stable while you play it and prevent it from shattering if on a rough/hard surface or slipping off a smooth surface.
  2. Do not put the bowl on people’s bodies and play as it could fall off and break.
  3. NEVER play too loud near a pregnant belly or baby.  I’m speaking to the men here be…

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All About Those Bowls!


Here I will share with you what I know about these awesome bowls from my own personal experience and from a bit of reading and this will be enough for you and your partner or other birth support person to be able to use your bowl in a safe and effective way during your SoundBirth. 

History of Bowls making Sounds!

Have you seen and heard those metal Tibetan singing bowls? The Tibetan monks created these bowls centuries ago to be used for healing, ritual and practical purposes. They are made from a …

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Entrain Your Brain into Alpha

_Entrain the brain

I LOVE entrainment! The one and only scientific term that I LOVE!

Since I started reading about entrainment, I can see it working everywhere!  And can see how important it is to know about it when it comes to giving birth and being a Mother.

What is Entrainment?

In 1666 Dutch physicist Christian Huygens, the inventor of the pendulum clock noticed that the pendulums of 2 clocks mounted on the same wall had synchronised! This was the birth of the term “entrainment”.

“Entrainment involves the ability o…

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Bringing and Ancient Tool into the Modern World

_ (1)

This is what I spoke about at the Australian Homebirth Conference in March 2016.  I'm sharing this for those who couldn't be there.  Enjoy :)

The Most Ancient Tool in the Universe!

Sound, heard and unheard is everywhere and everything.
Sound has been around since before the beeping of technology, the brumming of cars, the singing of humans, the roaring of dinosaurs and even before the BIG BANG that created our beautiful planet.
Sound has the power to destroy walls, create planets and heal bodies…

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The Sound Birth Ritual


It is very common for women in labour to find a ritual that helps them to cope during those birthy contractions. These rituals become their “THING” that NEEDS to be there for them every single time!!!  And if it’s not there they can be triggered into feeling anxious, abandoned and even pissed off! So look out!
Here are some examples of birthing rituals:

  • Leaning forward onto a birthing ball
  • Focusing on something visual like a sparkling diamond ring
  • Rocking from side to side while being held …

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What is a SoundBirth Doula?

first soundbirth session

The idea of creating "SoundBirth Doulas" was born when some of the pregnant women I was talking to about SoundBirth were asking me if someone else could play the bowl for them because

a) their partner didn't want to play the bowl for whatever reason;

b) the woman preferred her partner to be doing other things like holding her hand or giving her a massage or

c) the couple didn't want to purchase a crystal singing bowl.

I also found that birth professionals and sound therapists were interested i…

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The Pain Experiment

ice cubes

I will NEVER ever claim that the SoundBirth tools (toning and crystal singing bowls) will completely take pain away from you. Pain free births? No way! Powerful? YES! 

Sorry! As I have already said, pain is part of giving birth. “It’s GOOD pain” as my Mother informed me before I watched her give birth to my youngest sister when I was 10 years old.

But I will say that if you use these tools as a way to give you some relief, focus and strength you won’t be disappointed!

Try this experiment out for yo…

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Can I Bring a Bowl to Birth?

bringing bowl to hosptial

A common question people have for me if they are planning to have a SoundBirth in a hospital setting is if they are allowed to bring a crystal singing bowl to the birth.   They are concerned about whether or not the obstetrician will approve ... or about what the midwives will say ... or about how the woman next door might respond to the sound of the bowl.

This is what I have to say about these common concerns.

1. This is YOUR birth (well...your baby's actually).  NOT your obstetricians.  Or your …

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You ARE Musical

baby playing piano

Have YOU ever thought of yourself as "musical"?  Or are you one of those many people who tell themselves and others that you are definitely NOT musical! Or that you don't have a musical bone in your body.  Or that you can't sing.  Or that if you did sing everyone would run a thousand miles away!

Well, I'm here to tell you that whether you believe it or not, YOU ARE MUSICAL!  That you were BORN musical when you released sound from your mouth after your birth into the world.  That every time you ta…

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