7 Ways to TINKLE Your Chimes!

Cailee with Koshi chime

So you have just received your beautiful Koshi Chimes and now you are wondering where to hang them and what you can do with them!  Here are some of the ways I have used my chimes and ways I have heard other people using theirs over the years...


People often ask where to hang their chimes.  So far I have hung mine in some of the doorways in my house using one of those hooks that have a sticker on the back (you can buy from supermarket).  Whenever I go through the doorway I dingle the chimes sprinkling myself with their magic.  My baby LOVES this of course so now every time we go under the doorways she looks up and  points and grunts and insists I play them!  She always smiles and wants to play them herself.  I let her touch them gently but being careful she doesn't grab them and pull them down!  


Another place people have been hanging them is inside next to a window where a breeze gently blows through. Someone told me that this helps them to fall asleep at night.  Anywhere undercover outside is perfect too...on a verandah, patio area. If you can hear them tingling and they're not getting wet it is a perfect place for them.  If you do want to hang them outside make sure you varnish them to protect the wood from rotting away.


If you have a baby hanging a chime above her in the car works really well to help soothe them, distract them and to give them something beautiful to listen to while you are driving.  I know that my babies never liked the car very much and these chimes worked a treat for my last baby!  (Make sure the chimes are tied securely so that they won't fall on the baby!!!)


Another place to hang them if you have a baby is on their pram!  It could  become "the familiar sound" that triggers sleep time which you can then use as a tool when they need a nap or YOU need them to nap! 


If you have young children a lovely ritual to do with them before going to sleep at nighttime is ask them "What are you grateful for today?".  Or, "What was the best part of your day?".  Or, "What would you like to do in your life one day?". Then they say what they loved or share one of their dreams and you play the Koshi chimes around their little bodies. My kids think the chimes sound like fairies making their wishes come true or just listening to what they had to say. This ritual really is a very nurturing way to end the day...and you will find that your children will ask you to do this very night because they KNOW what is good for them!!


If you give massages or facilitate relaxation or meditation sessions a beautiful way to end the session is by playing these chimes around people's bodies.  Once again...the sound is nurturing and relaxing and seems to be the perfect way to end any "session".  You could also invite your client/s to think about what they want to bring into their lives at the moment while you play the chimes.  Sound magnifies your thoughts so thinking about what you WANT is important when listening to quality sounds such as these chimes...they are powerful manifesting tools!


If you are a midwife or doula supporting a woman during labour you could see if she enjoys hearing the chimes in between contractions...during the quiet, relaxing time.   

There you go!  Some quick and simple ways to use your chimes!  I hope this helps in some way.  Please share with me where you have chosen to hang your chimes and how you have used them in your life!


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