5 Reasons Why SoundBirth Might NOT Be for You!

soundbirth not for me

I get it.  Not EVERYONE is going to want to have a SoundBirth!  We are ALL different.  Different thoughts, desires, experiences, partners.  Plus it takes courage to do something different!  

Not many people (yet) have taken a crystal singing bowl into a birthing suite and had their husband play it for hours and hours... (yes this has actually happened in several Perth hospitals so far!). Trying to get your husband to rub your back a certain way and say the "right" things during labour is hard enough than trying to get them to play a crystal singing bowl in the hospital room!  No one wants to look like a crazy person right?!?  

So here is a list so that you can see for yourself if you are a SoundBirth-type person or not!

SoundBirth is not for:

Women who elect to have a c-section delivery.  

I'm pretty sure that no obstetrician would allow someone to play a crystal singing bowl during a c-section (yet!).  Plus you won't be experiencing contractions so no need for a bowl unless you want the sound there to help you to relax and to welcome your baby into the world.  

Women who are happy to take "the drugs" to ease labour pain. 

If that's what you want and you've done your research, then go for it.  Although, you could use the bowl during early stages of labour to keep you relaxed and then go for the drugs when/if you feel you can't go on anymore without them...if you choose.

Women who aren't fussed about HOW their baby is born...as long as they are alive and "healthy".  

If you are at peace with allowing "the hospital system do it for you" then you're probably not someone who would be even googling "natural birth" or anything to do with it! What are you even doing here reading this!!

Women who would feel WAY too embarrassed doing something "different"... like having their husband play a crystal singing bowl...especially in a hospital setting!  

It's pretty scary doing something that is "out of the norm".  I know!  I homeschool, home birth and do the crystal bowl thing!  So I know ALL about how uncomfortable it can feel to be going against the mainstream.  So, if you don't think you could cope with the risk of being judged, laughed at, ridiculed, questioned or given that "are you nuts" look from someone (obstetrician, family members, friends)...then don't do it!  Not that anyone WILL actually judge, laugh, criticise!  They will most likely be super curious and LOVE the idea and what it's doing for you! Just saying :)

Women who would feel way too embarrassed to "sing" during labour. 

I get this one too.  After all ... I didn't make a sound during my first labour and most of my second.  I was WAY too embarrassed...and I was at home with all my loved ones around me!  That's how embarrassed I was about using my voice!  But because I was SO set on having home births where there were no drugs or c-section handy I surrendered to using my voice in the end because it gave me SO much relief ... and to my great surprise, fell in love with it.  It became my birthing partner.  But I get it ... if you are not ready to surrender to your voice and let go of all of those inhibitions around singing yet then I wouldn't bother with SoundBirth.

There you go!  If you don't feel drawn by your heart strings to something  then don't do it I always say!  But if something is making you feel curious at first and then overcome with joy ... then going for it is probably the way to go! 

Whatever you choose make sure it is a choice YOU have made from YOUR heart ... you never know ... it could even be your baby whispering to you ... so listen carefully!


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