The DOs and DON'Ts When Playing Your Bowl

teaching pregnant woman to play

For the safety of bowl, your ears and other people's ears please follow these bowl playing guidelines! 

  1. ALWAYS place your bowl on its rubber “O” ring no matter what surface you have placed it on.  This will keep it stable while you play it and prevent it from shattering if on a rough/hard surface or slipping off a smooth surface.
  2. Do not put the bowl on people’s bodies and play as it could fall off and break.
  3. NEVER play too loud near a pregnant belly or baby.  I’m speaking to the men here because they usually want to see how loud it will go when they first start playing it. If this is the case do this when pregnant women and babies are at a good distance away from the bowl.  Actually ... just don't ever see how loud it can go because it could also shatter the bowl (see below) 
  4. NEVER stick your head in a bowl while it is resonating…watch that toddlers / kids don’t do this!  It is too loud and could damage your ears.  Plus...WHY????  There is no need to do this! 
  5. Do not play the bowl at its loudest for too long … it could crack or shatter the bowl…plus it hurts and could damage your ears! Playing loud doesn’t mean it’s better or more healing or more anything!!  When it comes to sound LESS IS MORE always. Just use your ears and feelings as a guide. If the sound is making you cringe or wanting to run out the door then you or they are playing too loud! Then it is up to you to let them know…kindly …. to play quieter please!
  6. Never put anything inside the bowl that is hard (including the striker/wand)… It could shatter the bowl. If you want to put a special crystal inside the bowl to energise it place it on a piece of leather at the base of the bowl. Always keep the striker/wand separate from the bowl when it’s not in use.


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