What is a SoundBirth Doula?

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The idea of creating "SoundBirth Doulas" was born when some of the pregnant women I was talking to about SoundBirth were asking me if someone else could play the bowl for them because

a) their partner didn't want to play the bowl for whatever reason;

b) the woman preferred her partner to be doing other things like holding her hand or giving her a massage or

c) the couple didn't want to purchase a crystal singing bowl.

I also found that birth professionals and sound therapists were interested in adding this tool to their birth bag full of tricks so I decided to go ahead and create a SoundBirth Doula and Educator Training.  

Some of the Soundbirth Doulas have more of a birth background and some have more of a sound background which they will share with you on my website (when I get around to doing this!).  But either way they have all been trained by myself either in person or online so they know how to support you using their voice and a crystal singing bowl!  

What are the Main Benefits of Hiring a trained SoundBirth Doula?

  • There is no need to buy a bowl ... your doula owns one already! Yay! Money saved!
  • You can be certain that the sound of the bowl will be there for you during each and every contraction!
  • Your partner doesn't need to play the bowl.  He can focus entirely on you.
  • You don't need to worry about bringing the bowl to the birth!  
  • Your SoundBirth Doula is confident in using her voice WITH you if you need her to during labour... sometimes all we need is another voice to get us going! 
  • She will go through all of the exercises described in the online course "Sing Your Baby to You" so you are well prepared.
  • She will give you relaxing and energising "sound journeys" during your pregnancy and when you finally become a Mother.
  • She will encourage you to create a "Heart Song" (lullaby) for your baby BEFORE the birth and will sing it with you (if you want to) as soon as your baby is born.
  • She will protect your sound environment throughout the labour so you are not distracted by annoying noises.
  • She will assist you with choosing appropriate birth music so you can bliss out in between contractions.
  • She will give you tips on how you can use music and your voice to bond beautifully with your baby and help you stay calm and energised!

So there you go!

If you would like to be put in touch with a SoundBirth Doula in your area the best way at the moment is to email me!

If you would like to become a SoundBirth Doula then here is the link to the online training!




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