The Pain Experiment

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I will NEVER ever claim that the SoundBirth tools (toning and crystal singing bowls) will completely take pain away from you. Pain free births? No way! Powerful? YES! 

Sorry! As I have already said, pain is part of giving birth. “It’s GOOD pain” as my Mother informed me before I watched her give birth to my youngest sister when I was 10 years old.

But I will say that if you use these tools as a way to give you some relief, focus and strength you won’t be disappointed!

Try this experiment out for yourself! And get your partner doing this with you!

The Ice Experiment: From “Birthing from Within” by Pam England and Rob Horowitz
(Warning: Don’t do this experiment if you have arthritis in your hands.)

​What you will need:
• 1 or 2 blocks of ice per person
• 1 timer or clock
• Hand towel or face cloth
• Piece of paper and pen if you are writing
• Optional: A crystal singing bowl

Each time you do each step write down or share with someone how you felt, what you were thinking about, what you felt like doing, how you basically coped with the pain

1. No tools at all: Hold a piece of ice in one hand for one minute (about the length of a contraction) without doing anything in particular. Put the block of ice in a towel while you have a short break.  
2. Affirmation: This time choose a birthing affirmation and focus on it…such as “I am open and relaxed”
3. Body awareness: This time bring your awareness to the area of your body where the pain is. Go right into it.
4. Breathing: Do this again but this time just be aware of your breathing…take full deep breaths.
5. Toning: Do this again and this time make the "Ahhh" sound on your exhalation.
6. Toning with a crystal singing bowl: And finally (if your hand hasn’t frozen off yet…) and if you have a crystal singing bowl handy, tone with the bowl!

Which technique was the most effective for relieving the pain?

Every time I do this exercise with a group the answer is always toning with a crystal singing bowl.  Toning was the next best. The feedback is that they could FEEL the vibration in their body and HEAR the sounds all around them so the pain just disappeared … it wasn’t the focus anymore!

Anyway … I’ll leave it for you to experiment with and see for yourself!


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