How to Pick a Bowl!

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When I first ordered my set of 7 crystal singing bowls I had no idea what I was ordering.  I felt SO anxious about spending all that money and really not knowing what I was going to get.  Were they good quality?  What pitches were they?  Would they sound good together?  What was I going to do with them all? I just left the decision in the hands of the person selling it to me and let go.  

Since then I have learnt SO much about these awesomely resonant bowls that I would like to share with you some questions to ask yourself when choosing your own bowl, bowls or set of bowls! Here they are!

1. Why do you want a bowl/s?  Do you want to use it for yourself for healing purposes? Or with the work you are already doing with people? What kind of work is that?  Do you want to facilitate your own sound sessions one day?

2. What is your budget?  The bowls listed in my store include a carry case, striker, o-ring and shipping to your front door (if in Aust).  If you want to save money get a smaller sized bowl and ditch the case for now. I can help you choose the best pitch for you in the smallest size to save you money...but also so the bowl isn't going to shatter! You also get discounts when you buy more than one bowl.  The best way is to email me to ask. 

3. Do you want to use your voice with your bowl or encourage others to use their voices? For example, if you're a yoga teacher did you know that at the end of a yoga class you could play your bowl and "Ommmm" WITH the bowl so people don't feel so self-conscious about Ommming? Plus it feels SO good?!?

4. Are you pregnant or a birth pro?  The perfect pitch for vocalising with during labour. You need the SoundBirth Bowl of course!  

5. Do you intend on having a full set one day but can't afford that yet?  Start with 3 bowls!  Which 3 pitches would you like? Do you want a major (happy) sound or minor (sad/mellow sound). Which 3 sizes would you like to start with?

6. Do you want to create binaural beats?  Make lots of "wahwahwahwah" sounds and relax everyone's brains through "entrainment" even faster? You'll need 2 bowls that are slightly off-pitch!

7. Do you need a carry case?  You only need one of these if you intend on travelling around with your bowl.  You could wrap it in a blanket (how I started out) but it's a bit risky and eventually you'll want to feel confident that your bowl is "safe n sound" in the car and that there is less chance of you dropping it. Bowls on my website include a case.  If you don't want one email me and I'll adjust the price. Set of 7 doesn't include cases.  Email me if you want them!

8. Which pitch/es do you want?  Many companies sell the "Chakra set" but I would rather custom-choose my pitches thank you very much!  To me it's more about the harmonies you can create with your bowls.  If you're into the chakras well guess what!?! You only need one pitch/one bowl and your intention to send that sound to whichever chakra you choose! You don't need a specific pitch to get one of your chakras spinning!  Getting chakras spinning is a lot more complicated than that and is more about the way you think and act every day than a quick fix with a bowl! So instead of focusing on getting the "right" bowl for your "weak" chakra focus on which sound do you resonate with the most!
Start with:

  • Do you like high or low pitches?
  • Do you like the Major or Minor sound? Watch this short youtube video to hear the difference.
  • Do you want a mixture of dissonance and harmony in your set? (I know I do!)
  • Which note do you want as your lowest?  How low do you want to go?  And how high?
  • Do you want to be able to create binaural beats in your set?

9. Which size do you want? It took me quite a few years to figure out that you don't need a big bowl (more $$) to get a lower pitch and that you can get most pitches in most sizes.  They do this by changing the thickness of the rim of the bowl.  Saying that, I don't like ordering bowls that are too low for their size because the rim gets too thin (easier to shatter) ... so it's better to buy that slightly bigger size if you are wanting that lower pitch.  Anyway, it can get a bit complicated which is why I offer private sessions and workshops to help people choose their ideal bowl, bowls, set. This is where I also integrate my classical music background!  Phew I'm glad that degree came in handy after all!

10. How do you want to use your bowl? I remember receiving my set of 7 bowls and not knowing what the hell I was going to do with them all.  I just knew I wanted them ... NOW!  Since then I have come up with many ideas and share them in my "Sound Integration Workshops" and online course "Integrate Sound Now".  If you come up with a new idea I'd love to know about it! 

I hope this will assist you in choosing your ideal bowl for YOU. What I've learnt the most from selling these bowls is that everyone is different!  They each have their own ideas of what they like and don't like.  They want to use them for all different reasons.  They have their own beliefs about them.  But they ALL LOVE them! 

If you need any help let me know!  

With Love and the Highest Quality Sound,


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