About Nicole Lloyd

My name is Nicole Lloyd and I LOVE sharing quality sound with people!  

Whether you want to learn how to use sound during childbirth, Motherhood or at your yoga class; or want to facilitate relaxing sound journeys for individuals or groups; or want your very own crystal singing bowl and to learn how to integrate it into your life; I can support you on your journey into the sound world! 

Me in a nutshell!  

  • I have an extensive background in music (B(Mus) Performance) playing the big Double Bass. 
  • I studied the piano when I was a kid/teen and now teach the Simply Music program. I'm now having piano lessons to finally get my grade 8 AMEB and hopefully study Masters in Music Therapy in near future. 
  • I've always been interested and passionate about sound and music therapy which has led me to working with seniors, special needs and anyone who needs to relax a little! 
  • I've been working with the crystal singing bowls and other top quality sound tools since 2010.
  • I have been home educating my four daughters in a "student centred" way since my first was born in 2002, which I now draw on when training people how to facilitate sound.
  • I have a love of empowering women to birth their babies into the world as gently as possible due to my own personal birthing experiences and knowing that gentle birth equals a gentle earth.
  • I love relaxing groups of people with my sound healing tools and now teach others  how to facilitate their own sound journeys too!
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What is SoundBirth?

I decided to name my business "SoundBirth" back in 2011 after I experienced a crystal singing bowl being played during each of my contractions during my third home birth.  I noticed a massive difference in the way I used my voice, how much safer I felt and how much my level of pain and anxiety was reduced. 

So I started to share my story and teach the SoundBirth tools to expectant couples and birth professionals with the intention of assisting women all over the world to experience gentle, empowering and positive births. 

This has also led me to facilitating relaxing "Sound Journeys" for many yoga centres and wellness retreats in Perth giving me the experience to now teach what I have discovered along the way to those who also yearn to share sound with people.

Enjoy looking through my website!  

Please contact me below to ask any questions!

Nicole xx

Mobile: 0419285500

Email: nicole@soundbirth.com.au

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